More About Me

David Tillery is a lifelong public servant and community leader from Rome, Georgia. He was born and raised in Lindale, where he attended Pepperell High School through the 10th grade. As the family was desiring the “Lake Life”, they moved to Cedar Bluff, Alabama, where David graduated from Cedar Bluff High School in 1984.

Eager to return to his roots, David moved back to Rome in 1986. There, he dedicated 26 years to serving the local community through public safety roles as both a paramedic and law enforcement officer. His compassion and commitment to helping others in their time of need has left a lasting positive impact.

In 2015, David transitioned to a new career in real estate. Leveraging his extensive local knowledge and passion for assisting people, he has flourished as a Realtor. Above all, David finds fulfillment in using his expertise and experience to help clients achieve their goals.

Beyond his professional pursuits, David has devoted 28 years to ministry work. He has held several leadership positions, including music leader, children's church leader, youth leader, Sunday school teacher, deacon, associate pastor, and senior pastor. Through his spiritual guidance, David has enriched the lives of countless community members.

When not serving others, David enjoys spending quality time with his wife Jessica and their children. In his spare moments, David also indulges his love of music by playing the drums, guitar, and piano - a creative outlet he has enjoyed for many years.

Overall, through his diverse roles in public safety, real estate, and ministry, David has selflessly worked to share his knowledge and make a positive difference in the lives of all those around him. He is truly dedicated to helping others succeed.